Antenatal 1 Day Course –Itinerary 


Part 1: Your pregnancy 

  1. Pregnancy care
  2. Choosing your caregiver and type of birth – options available in Pretoria  Short break for leg stretch / snacks & refreshments / questions.



Part 2: What to expect during the birth process

1. All about birth

a) how labour begins

b) what happens to your body in labour

c) basic coping mechanisms for labour/breathing exercises

d) pain relief in labour – Epidural/injections

2.Intervention in birth

a) induction of labour

b) drips/enema’s/monitoring

c) instrument births

d) caesarian sections

Videos of the various birth options will accompany this Section

Part 3: What to expect after your baby is born

  1. The newborn – apgar/tests/appearance
  2.  Your body after birth - Lunch break – hot and cold beverage and something to snack on.


Part 4

  1.  Basic baby care
  2. Breastfeeding
  3. Pregnancy exercises - Short break for leg stretch / snacks & refreshments / questions


The tour of the hospital will take place after the class. This is to see where it all is going to happen.

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