MusikMakers Group Music Lessons

MusikMakers Group Music Lessons

MusikMakers Group Music Lessons at Parentwood

Playing music or singing with your child can be great fun and very relaxing. If you find it difficult to naturally find ways to add music to your daily routine why not join a group music class like MusikMakers! You can pick up a few ideas, learn some new songs and activities you could do at home as well as bond with your child. Many times you will make new friends and meet other parents who  are dealing with similar issues and you will also find a lot of support.  Group classes also have other benefits that build social skills such as turn-taking and cooperation through group learning.

Research has shown that music improves a child’s memory, cognitive development, learning skills, and ability to express emotion. Music makes a child a better learner, teaches self-control, improves coordination, enhances creativity, and inspires a lifetime appreciation of music and movement.

Available programs:

Junior Programs:

  • Babies: Birth – 18 months: Mondays 09h30-10h15
  • Walkers and Family – 4 months – 3 years: Wednesday 08h30-09h15
  • Toddlers – 2 years+: Tuesday 15h45-16h30 and Wednesday 15h00-15h45
  • Explorers 3-4 years: Thursday 15h45-16h30

Senior Programs

  • RyhthmReaders Grade R: Monday 15h15-16h00 and Wednesday 15h45-16h30
  • BeatBugs Gr RR: Monday 16h00-16h45

Booking information:

Please contact or call 083 651 6406 for more information.