Water Safety and Swimming Classes

Water Safety and Swimming Classes

Swimming at Parentwood

Children love water and are naturally drawn to it. Swimming lessons can help children to become comfortable in water from an early age. Water safety will develop as you go along. Everyone should be able to swim, and adults who never had the opportunity as children will benefit just as much. We now have a heated and enclosed pool where classes are held by an experienced and qualified instructor.  Classes are kept small and each child received individual attention.

There are currently three programmes that you can join. For more information on these or to book a class, contact Tové on 060 962 0846.


This programme is aimed at babies aged 6-24 months and introduces your baby to water. it focusses on floating, going under the water and swimming techniques. The parent/guardian can get into the pool with baby and participate in the process. Remember that baby swimming lessons is the first step in developing water safety and long-term technique, but it won’t protect your child from drowning in the initial phases. However, it is good for physical strength and development. it is also something they enjoy tremendously, and good for bonding and relaxation of both parents and baby.

Learn to swim:

This programme is followed from the age of two, and would also be a good place to start for adults who never learned to swim. It familiarizes the swimmer with water and develops his/her swimming skills. . Once the learner is able to swim across the pool we start teaching different swimming strokes.

Stroke development:

Competent swimmers aged four years and older can join this programme to improve their skills and to prepare them for swimming as a sport. Swimming is a fantastic form of exercise, and may form part of injury rehabilitation.