Well-baby Clinic

Well-baby Clinic

Booking information

  • Our clinic works on appointment basis only. To make a booking, call (012) 329 1301.
  • Consultation fee is R345 a visit, which includes the government vaccines given
  • We can claim this fee directly from most medical aids, or alternatively issue you with an invoice to submit for reimbursement
  • Any additional/private vaccines given will be charged accordingly
  • Please remember your child’s vaccination record as we are not able to vaccinate without it
  • Please cancel as soon as possible if you are unable to make your appointment.
  • If your child is moderately to severely ill and had a fever above 38.5 in the last 24 hours, your visit should preferably be rescheduled.

What does a well-baby visit entail?


  • Measuring and plotting your baby’s weight, length and head circumference
  • Monitoring closure of baby’s fontanelle
  • Milestone assessment
  • Assessing any concerning physical signs and symptoms
  • Referral to the applicable specialist should any abnormalities be detected in any of the above


  • Information on the South African Expanded Programme of Immunisation (EPI), which are the immunisations seen as compulsory by the Department of Health
  • Information on the private/optional vaccines that are available for you to give your baby in addition to the EPI vaccines, should you wish to do so.
  • Administering vaccines and offering information on side-effects and aftercare
  • Follow-up and support should you experience any side-effects
  • Deworming and administering Vitamin A supplementation at the appropriate visits

Information and advice on various topics

  • Breastfeeding – our practice has a lactation consultant and various services for breastfeeding mothers
  • Formula feeding
  • Dealing with colic and crying
  • Introduction of solid foods (with a written guide available on Early Childhood Feeding)
  • Age-appropriate baby stimulation tips
  • Skincare and eczema
  • Sleep and routine
  • Teething
  • Dental care and hygiene
  • Supplements and product recommendations
  • Advice on dealing with common symptoms and illnesses
  • Support for mom – monitoring for postnatal depression, finding coping skills and support