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MusikMakers Group Music Lessons at Parentwood

Playing music or singing with your child can be great fun and very relaxing. If you find it difficult to naturally find ways to add music to your daily routine why not join a group music class like MusikMakers! You can pick up a few ideas, learn some new songs and activities you could do
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Measles Campaign 2023 -what is this all about?

Measles is a highly contagious childhood illness that, prior to the introduction of a measles vaccine in 1963, caused an estimated 2,6million deaths each year.  As time passes and through successful vaccination campaigns this number has been slowly dwindling. During 2000– 2018, measles vaccination prevented an estimated 23.2 million deaths, according to the World Health
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7 Additional conditions that can be prevented through vaccination in South Africa

South Africa’s immunisation programme already saves thousands of lives. We are blessed to have an immunisation programme (EPI) that is funded by our Department of Health, as this is not the case in all countries. But did you know that apart from the diseases on our EPI there are 7 additional diseases that can be
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Meet Our Clinic Sisters

Kristel Steyn-Battheu

Kristel is the founder and heart of the practice and manages business matters. She also drives our recycling and environmental initiatives.

Christine Klynhans

Christine is a lactation consultant and manages our Breast Pump Demo Centre, Mom’s Mornings, Antenatal Class and Blog.

Marissa Lourens

Marissa has experience in primary health care and can examine and advice on minor healthcare problems. She heads our Virtual Care service.

Adri van der Spuy

Adri has years of experience working with mothers and babies. She is loved by our clients for her good sense of humour and positive outlook on life.

Our Values

  • Gentle Parenting

    We believe that raising children with love and compassion has the power to change the future of mankind. We support gentle parenting methods. We aim to help parents find solutions to problems that suits their child’s individual needs, rather than forcing families into the (often harsh) methods our society favours.

  • Information and Consent

    No one cares more for your baby than you do; therefore you should be the person making decisions on his/her care. We focus on providing education on various topics in our consultations and courses. We also have various resources available including our famous Early Childhood Feeding Guide, email hand-outs and our blog.

  • Support and Compassion

    We know that although you love your children very much, parenting can also be extremely challenging at times. We provide non-judgemental support in our consultations and are always available for telephonic advice, or simply a hug when needed.

  • Social and Environmental Responsibility

    Our practice provides free care to Abba Baby House, a community organisation providing a place of safety and care to babies and small children who cannot remain with their families for various reasons. We also have various environmental and recycling initiatives, including our Ecobrick drive which aims to keep tons of plastics out of our environment.

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